Internal-pressure self-sealing rotary tube joint


  • Inventors: SONG ZHANGGEN
  • Assignees: 宋章根
  • Publication Date: January 11, 2012
  • Publication Number: CN-101922592-B


The invention relates to an internal-pressure self-sealing rotary tube joint which comprises an inner tube (1) and an outer tube (2), and is characterized in that the outer tube (2) is formed by connecting a straight tube section (201) and a convex tube section (204); one end of the inner tube (1) is inserted into the convex tube section (204) and is provided with a ring-shaped boss (105); the external diameter of the ring-shaped boss (105) is matched with the internal diameter of the convex tube section (204); the end of the inner tube (1) inserted into the convex tube section (204) and the two ends of the ring-shaped boss (105) are respectively provided with a front sealing piece (3) and a rear sealing piece (5); the rear sealing piece (5) is close to the side of the straight tube section (201) of the outer tube (2); and the front sealing piece (3) and the rear sealing piece (5) are covered in the convex tube section (204). The internal-pressure self-sealing rotary tube joint has the advantages of simple structure, convenient manufacturing and low cost.




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