Hydrostatic guideway of liquid discontinuous flow precise circular turntable


  • Inventors: LU WENZHONG
  • Assignees: 路文忠
  • Publication Date: May 25, 2011
  • Publication Number: CN-101596679-B


The invention discloses a hydrostatic guideway of a liquid discontinuous flow precise circular turntable, comprising a static guideway, a movable guideway and an oil supply system, wherein the movable guideway is embedded in the static guideway and drives a workbench to rotate, the oil supply system is used for reducing friction between the static guideway and the movable guideway and supplies oil to the static guideway, a plurality of oil pressure chambers communicated with the oil supply system by respective corresponding oil-feeding oil passages are arranged in the static guideway equidistantly, each oil pressure chamber is divided into two parts of an upper oil pressure chamber and a lower oil pressure chamber by the movable guideway, and upper sealing components and lower sealing components are correspondingly arranged in the upper oil pressure chambers and the lower oil pressure chambers respectively. The invention fundamentally eliminates the heating phenomenon of a traditionalhydrostatic guideway and only needs a set of oil sources with very small capacity to carry out intermittent operation. Hydraulic oil is completely sealed, has no inevitable leakage and loss and can not be polluted by the environment, and the invention is a green hydrostatic guideway. The hydrostatic guideway has very high rigidity, and the movable guideway hardly displaces along with the change of load and has very high bias carrying resistance capability.




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