Preparation of surfactant of double long-chain alkyl lycine and applications thereof



The invention relates to preparation of a surfactant of double long chain alkyl lycine and applications thereof, belonging to the field of colloid and interface chemistry. The surfactant is prepared by reaction of double long-chain alkyl methyl tertiary amine and chloroactic acid and is an ampholytic surfactant t and the number of carbon atoms of the long-chain alkyl is 8 to 18. By being used by combination with other surface active agents, the surfactant is used as an alkali-free oil-displacing agent; wherein the molar fraction of the surface active agent of double-long chain alkyl lycine is0.10 to 0.60, and can reduce the interfacial tension of Daqing crude oil/formation water interface to 10<-3>mN/m order of magnitude under the conditions that the total mass concentration of the active surface agent is 0.01 percent to 0.5 percent, 1000ppm of polyacrylamide is added, alkali is not added and the temperature is 45 DEG C.




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