Methode de preparation de dichlorures de l'acide phosphonique

Process for making phosphonic acid dichlorides


PROCESS FOR MAKING PHOSPHONIC ACID DICHLORIDES ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE Phosphonic acid dichlorides of the general formula I (I) are made by reacting thionyl chloride with a phosphonic acid dialkylester of the general formula II (II) and using, as the catalyst, a compound of the general for-mulae III, IV or V R1R2R3R4PX (III) R1R2R3P (IV) R1R2R3PO (V) in which R1, R2 and R3 each stand for identical or dif-ferent alkyl groups or aryl groups having from 1 to 8 car-bon atoms, X stands for chlorine or bromine, R4 has the same meaning as R1 through R3 or stands for chlorine or bromine.




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