Support d'affichage plurivalent

Multipurpose sign holder

  • Inventors: FAST, JACOB
  • Assignees: Jacob Fast
  • Publication Date: November 20, 1990
  • Publication Number: CA-1276461-C


ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A multipurpose display card holder is formed from a rectangular blank of plastic sheet. The blank is divided by three transverse crease lines into four contiguous panels namely a base forming panel at one end of the blank, a first card holder panel adjacent the base forming panel, a bridging panel adjacent the first card holder panel and a second card holder panel adjacent the bridging panel at the other end of the blank. The respective card holder panels are provided with card holder flaps opening toward the bridging panel. The first card holder panel is longer than the second card holder panel and the base forming panel is longer than the bridging panel. The blank is formed into a holder by folding the respective panels about the respective crease lines so as to form a resilient channel-like configuration defined by the card holder panels and bridging panel with the base forming panel folded at right angles under the channel-like configuration to form a foot for supporting the holder in a free standing manner. By resiliently deforming the panels from the folded configuration the channel-like portion of the holder can be engaged over the rim of a container such as a dish or bowl to support the holder thereon.




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